The Rose McGowan Support Page has been put together by the staff and members of to show support to our favorite actress, Rose McGowan. This is a joint effort from her fans to thank her for the inspiration and send love to the lady, who recently and very much unfairly has been under the attack of the media and internet communities.

Some people put their energy and time in writing (or inventing) dirty things on those about whom they know so little... We, the staff and members of, are going to spend our time and energy on sending some positive impulses and elementary human warmth to the actress that we have admired for years. Now, that Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez are publicly attacked, aggressed, showered with dirt and old eggs, we want nothing else but let them know somehow that human beings are capable of love, just as some are capable of hate.

Some saw the beautiful Rose on Charmed, others spotted her earlier in The Doom Generation, Scream or Jawbreaker. Doesn't matter where or how. We discovered intelligence, sense of humor and incredible strength in this woman with a porcelain doll face. But no one's strength may last forever, and all of us, even the strongest, need knowing that somewhere, maybe even very far, there are people who appreciate what we do and appreciate us for simply what we are.

Ever since the first rumors and suspicions about Rose being together with the director Robert Rodriguez started circulating around, we were with them with our entire hearts, and we wished nothing but good to them. Nothing changed today. Evil tongues may say whatever they want, we will support love. Those who have no businesses of their own may practice in inventing unbelievable stories or organize challenges for the meanest person of the year; we will support solidarity. And since we don't like dirt being said on other people, let it not be said on Rose. - Written by Lisa

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