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Project Spotlight

Dawn (2014, short drama)
Directed by Rose McGowan
Starring Tara Barr, Reiley McClendon and Hannah Marks

"Dawn is really about what we do to young girls unwittingly, and how we send them out into the world completely unprotected, in a way that has, at times, really tragic consequences. Being polite at the risk of your own internal voice of danger being silenced is a pretty dangerous thing."

Staff of Rose-McGowan.com

Our Story

Our friendship began in the mid 2000s. We'd encountered each other on forum communities for one of our very favorite films, Ginger Snaps, and chatted together occasionally. Cut to a few months later when we were properly introduced to each other via our websites. Soon we were talking online regularly and realized we had many of the same interests related to cinema and favorite actors and actresses (McGowan being one of our top joint favorites). Soon enough we started working on websites together. In late 2006 we started discussing our love of Rose McGowan regularly and the idea of a site for her. We were both already longtime fans, with Riikka even working on several Rose sites in the past, but we didn't really find new spark in her career until our excitement for Grindhouse started gearing up. Riikka decided to do the site with another friend and longtime Rose fan named Rachel, and Mycah came on board quickly after in early 2007. We decided to invest everything into making the most up-to-date, fan friendly and accurate (to the best of our knowledge!) tribute to our queen; Rose McGowan! Rose-McGowan.com opened its doors on February 12, 2007.

Shortly after the first year online, team member Rachel left the site due to other commitments but the other two ladies continued on with Rose-McGowan.com. We live on opposite sides of the globe so 'real life' interraction is an obstacle. But in early 2009, after years of daily chats and Skype calls we finally got to meet face-to-face in Scotland, which was Riikka's home at the time. We then traveled to Paris together, and again reunited for fabulous celebrations on New Year's 2010. Later that year, we once again joined up in London for a tour of the UK. Our friendship has only grown and the fact that we were fans of someone like Rose first only shows how someone like her can touch other people's lives in ways she may not even know.

In 2013, longtime fan and frequent site contributor Laura (aka RoseRocks on the forums) officially came on board the staff and currently contributes to daily news and helping keep fans up to date with the latest McGowan photos at our gallery. Mycah took a step back due to commitments in day to day life, but still works heavily behind the scenes on the content, layouts and graphics found throughout the website. Riikka is still heavily involved and the primary maintainer. With help from tons of supporters, fans and those we now consider friends, Rose-McGowan.com has grown into a huge collective effort.

We work hard to bring you a fun and extensive website; an online Rose McGowan museum, if you will! Everything from the early days to our title of simply being dedicated to the rose that is Rose McGowan or a simple update is put forward the utmost respect and admiration of our favorite leading lady. Not only has our friendship remained strong through the Rose McGowan fandom but we've gotten to know other like-minded fans from all over the world through the Rose-McGowan.net forum such as the before mentioned Laura, Blake (blake_6060), Lisa (whom we met up with while in Paris), Brandon (mcgowanfan), Dale (whom Riikka has met up with in London) and the dozens of other amazing members - and friends we've met through our love of this amazing woman... More lives she's touched with her amazing talent and charisma. Rose is more than a movie star to us, more than an actress, more than a celebrity. She's someone who we came to adore - may it be her sharp humor and sassy personality or her beauty and talent. May it be the movies she's starred in or the roles she's played. Somehow they touched us and through her we've bonded. We may simply be McGowaniacs - but we're family!

Cut to six amazing years later, the website is still going strong and we're only looking ahead to the years to come! We would be nothing without all of the support of visitors - we're thrilled that you like our website and we're truly honored that Rose McGowan herself is aware of the site and appreciates it. In the past few years some of the highlights we've had include having gotten treated to not one but two Q&A's with Rose, compiled a birthday project, which was well recieved by Rose, in addition to the joy of simply learning more about our lady love. Now with outlets like Twitter we get daily updates from Miss McGowan herself. Her kindness towards her fans certainly is most appeciated.

About Us

Name: Riikka
Residence: Helsinki, Finland

I'm a Finnish born lady with a degree in Film Studies. Cinema is my passion and I love it in all of its forms, from silent cinema and the classics of the Golden Age of Hollywood to cheesy horror. I love traveling and visiting new countries and immersing myself in different cultures and languages.

I have been a fan of Rose McGowan for well over a decade and a half now. Like many others, I first noticed her in Scream, which was my favorite film in the 90s. To me Rose's Tatum was much more than just a goofy sidekick. She had the best lines and had me practically laughing in tears. I just loved that character and Rose's portrayal of her.

Fast-forward to 2013. Rose has come a long way and I get the sense than she's the same honest and fun lady that she was all those years years back, with that fabulous sense of humor that her fans first fell in love with. I have seen pretty much all of Rose's films by now. Not all of them are necessary masterpieces of cinema but I love all of the characters she's played and their own quirks. With every character, Rose has shown us a little part of herself but also her versatility as an actress and her undeniable charisma.

I am something that you could call a "veteran" of the Rose online fan community. I've been running several related websites under different names since 1997, including Rose McGowan Online (2004-2005) and Confessions of Rose McGowan (2001-2004).

To me Rose McGowan represents an era long gone. Her glamour, sass and screen presence remind me of the Golden Age of Hollywood and its stunning leading ladies. I love how expressive her eyes are and how well she conveys emotion just with one glance. She would have been such a fabulous silent screen actress, much like her idol Clara Bow. I think Rose is a wonderfully talented actress and a fearless, frank and fabulous woman, whom I consider a major inspiration!

Name: Mycah
Residence: South Carolina, USA

I'm a 24 year-old Carolina girl, whose many interests include 1930s-1970s eras, web design, live music, traveling, along with my obsession with cinema and select batch of television shows. I particularly adore the horror genre and pride myself on being a "gore whore" and all around fangirl. Although shy by nature I think I'm a bit of a pistol once I warm up to you. I love animals, consider myself a feminist and an advocate for equality to everyone - regardless of race, sexual orientation or religion. In the words of Rose herself, "I'm a pretty swell gal. I don't mean any harm to anybody. Generally speaking, for a melancholy person, I'm pretty happy."

I became aware of Rose in the late 90s. I was actually only about 10 years old when I became a fan of hers, though. I knew her name and her sort of "infamousness" in those days (Manson, the VMA dress, etc) but I had not really seen any of her movies. Mainly she was referred to in my household as "the girl who dies in the garage in Scream" by my uncle. When one day while at the video store the VHS cover for Jawbreaker (and it's bright, bold colors) caught my eye. I quickly grabbed it and Cruel Intentions up - probably not the best thing for a 10-year old to watch but given my love affair with horror since I was 7 - it was pretty tame in comparison. That night began my undying love with two of my favorite actresses; Rose and Reese Witherspoon, respectively. In fact, I can still remember the sheer giddiness I felt while rooting for the badass Courteney Shayne while everyone else pulled against her. I then managed to see some of Rose's other popular movies like Scream, Ready to Rumble, Devil in the Flesh - and was forever hooked! Not to mention reading some of her interviews and seeing just how funny off-screen she was!

Shortly after, Rose went to one of my favorite shows at the time Charmed. I watched her seasons religiously up until the last two. Unfortunately I kind of lost interest in the show itself and it was moved into a different timeslot so I stopped watching and hence began to semi-lose track of Rose since I wasn't an active fan of the show any longer. Rose was making a few movies here and there (or had since the 90s movies) but they weren't available to me so I really didn't stay too connected to her current career at the time. So while I didn't forget about Rose, my fandom for her faded a bit since there wasn't anything new for me to enjoy. It wasn't until years later, well, into the website actually, that I got to see most of her movies I'd missed. Since back in the day, VHS and rentals weren't quite as accessible as Netflix, Amazon and good ol' Ebay these days! But with Grindhouse approaching Miss McGowan re-emerged in my life from a short hiatus and well, the rest, as they say, is history!

I adore Rose McGowan for many reasons. I think she's an highly talented, underrated actress only getting better and better as the years go by. She always came across as this fearless woman and being so young when I discovered her was highly empowering! Rose is simply fabulous, sassy and fun person who loves what she loves and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks of her! She is clearly incredibly kind and down-to-earth, so what's not to love about Rose McGowan?

Name: Laura
Residence: Tuscany, Italy

I'm a Rose McGowan fan, I'm addicted to Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Metal and Metalcore music. I absolutely adore tattoos and cats and I love the beautiful London, the perfect place. I've been a songwriter since I was in high school - which I hated - and a feminist since I was born. I am a Xenite, which means I've grown up with tv-show Xena Warrior Princess and I freaking love Rizzoli & Isles too. On October 2, 2011, I had the incredible pleasure to meet Rose McGowan in person.

I've been a huge Rose McGowan fan from the very first day she joined Charmed back in 2001. I used to watch the show before she joined it but none of the three sisters really captured my heart. She did. It was quite what you would call love at first sight. I started doing some research and came to know what an amazingly strong, intelligent, kind and talented woman she was. As luck would have it, she came into my life during a quite dark period of my life and that's probably also why I have grown so fond of her, considering what she had to go through. She's always been a reason for me to never give up and keep fighting.

I have watched and own all of Rose's movies (except Seed - impossible to find!) and I can definitely say she's got a versatility that surprises me to this day. She puts passion and depth in all the characters she's played and I fell in love with so many of them, like Amy Blue, Tatum Riley, Moira Kennedy, Cherry Darling and yes, even Courtney Shayne. I'm not ashamed to admit I know some of her quotes by heart. Even if the movie is not a great masterpiece, Rose makes you want to watch it again. That's a great talent and I'm glad she decided to share it with us.

I admire how Rose always stays honest and true to herself, I love how she speaks her mind no matter what and she is not afraid if people are not going to agree with her. She stands up for herself and encourages her fans to do that as well. Her love for pets really touches me and it's so beautiful to know she rescued lots of them.

I also have to mention the deep respect I have for Rose when she constantly fights for equality and supports so many valid causes. Of course, her sharp sense of humour is one of the things I love the most, she always cracks me up and she's never taken for granted. She's got so many great qualities that make her one of the most beautiful people, both inside and out, who had a huge impact on my life.

I've always showed my support to Rose on the web, most of you might know me as RoseRocks, that's the nickname I go by since 2001 and I've been a forum moderator on Rose McGowan Online (2004-2005) plus a loyal contributor to the main page, I ran the RoseRocks YouTube channel (2006-2008), RoseMcgowanFans channel (2009-2011), Rose McGowan Italia FaceBook page (2010-present) and I became a moderator and later admin on this website's forum, which I joined day one in 2007. Now I'm absolutely thrilled and glad to be part of the staff of Rose-McGowan.com, and it's not because I'm a part of it, but it is the best site about Rose you could find and has been there since forever!