Who Is Rose McGowan?

Who Is Rose McGowan?

Rose McGowan has long been a favorite on both the big and the small screen. She made her breakthrough as an actress in the role of Amy Blue in The Doom Generation (1995) and went on to have notable roles in Wes Craven’s Scream (1996) and Jawbreaker (1999) before kicking ass in Planet Terror (2007). To many she is perhaps best known from her performance as Paige Matthews on five seasons of the hit TV series Charmed (2001-2006).

“I have had a hell of a life, and acting is probably the least interesting part of it.”
– Rose McGowan

After a lengthy career as an actress, the multitalented Rose McGowan has taken her talents behind and beyond the camera. Rose is following her passion for art by writing a memoir, publishing a forthcoming book of photography called “Art is Everywhere”, recording an album, directing films, and using her voice to speak out against sexism and misogyny in Hollywood and the society at large. Bold, brash, and making waves, Rose McGowan is working towards smashing the patriarchy once and for all!

In her own words, Rose McGowan has had a hell of a life.
And one thing’s for sure. She has always been unapologetically herself.

Rose McGowan Biography & Career Timeline

  • Chapter 1 • Childhood in Italy & Children of God
    Rose Arianna McGowan was born September 5, 1973 in Florence, Italy. McGowan was raised in communes of the Children of God cult. “From the outside it would be considered strange, but if you grow up in it, it’s normal”, she has said.

  • Chapter 2 • Move to America & Teenage Years
    The McGowan family returned to the United States when Rose was 10-years old. Rose’s teenager years were frantic. She was locked up at a drug rehab, she was homeless, she was a wanderer who found solace inside gay clubs. Rose emancipated legally from her parents at the mere age of 15.

  • Chapter 3 • Rose McGowan’s Discovery & The Doom Generation
    A chance encounter brought Rose McGowan The Doom Generation and the role of Amy Blue. The innovative and groundbreaking indie film gained praise at Sundance and brought Rose’s name to everyone’s lips. A star, as they say, was born.

  • Chapter 4 • Seriously Pursuing Acting
    Rose McGowan’s rising star caught the eye of horror legend Wes Craven, and he cast her as Tatum Riley in Scream, a movie that would re-evoke the slasher genre – and go on to become a modern classic.

  • Chapter 5 • Life with Marilyn Manson
    A chance encounter at the premiere of Gummo lead to finding love with shock rocker Marilyn Manson. More roles in horror films ensued. A personal highlight for Rose was finding friendship with Peter O’Toole on the set of Phantoms.

  • Chapter 6 • Taking a Bite of the Jawbreaker
    Rose McGowan next took on the starring role of Courtney Shayne in the dark teen comedy Jawbreaker (1999), which still remains one of Rose’s favorites.

  • Chapter 7 • Life Changes: The Break-up & Charmed
    Rose McGowan joined the cast of the hit WB series Charmed as the long lost witch sister Paige Matthews.

  • Chapter 8Grindhouse: Return to the Silver Screen
    The end of Charmed meant that Rose McGowan was now free to return to the big screen. First wounded, then equipped, and finally empowered, one night changed Cherry Darling, just like the movie Planet Terror changed the acting career of Ms McGowan.

  • Chapter 9 • The Essential Rose McGowan
    Rose McGowan, a great lover of the Golden Age of Hollywood, co-hosted a series of her favorite films with Robert Osborne for Turner Classic Movies. In addition, Rose filmed a guest stint for the FX network’s Nip/Tuck.

  • Chapter 10 • A Rose in Bloom
    Rose McGowan showed her versatility by appearing in completely different roles in Conan the Barbarian, Rosewood Lane and The Pastor’s Wife.

  • Chapter 11 • A New Dawn – Her Career Transformation
    After spending countless of hours on set as an actress, Rose McGowan decided to take her talents behind the camera.