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Dawn (2013, short, drama)
Directed by Rose McGowan
Starring Tara Barr, Reiley McClendon and Hannah Marks

"I just finished my first piece for RSA Black Dog, which is Ridley Scott's commercial music video company. I directed a 20-minute short with amazing actors. It was a really amazing project to do, and I felt really comfortable doing it, more so than I ever have acting."

Article written on May 19, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Click here to view a Dutch Death Proof trailer. It actually centers around Stuntman Mike and Pam so it features quite a bit of Rose – though nothing that we did not see in Grindhouse.

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Article written on May 19, 2007 by Rachele-mail

I have updated the gallery with the Blackbook Photoshoot for their April/May 2007 Issue. The photographer, Matthew Rolston, has not worked with Rose before, but this set is so professionally done it just goes to show that Rose and him work brilliantly together. Please register/log in to view the photoshoot.

BlackBook 2007 Photoshoot

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Fan Archives Gallery Site
Article written on May 19, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Lots of random updates for today. Thanks to Lulla, the forum has a gorgeous new look. She and Vishani Perera have also donated a lot of fan art, including Live Journal icons, wallpapers, signatures and more! View them in the Fan Archives. The affiliates page has been updated with all recent applications. If you did not receive a reply, please feel free to re-apply as we probably did not receive your request.

Last but not least, I have captured the following Charmed‘s S6 episodes; Hyde School Reunion, Spin City, Crimes and Witch Demeanors and A Wrong Day’s Journey into Right.

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'Grindhouse' Gallery Media Alerts
Article written on May 15, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Miss McGowan is featured in the new issue of French Score magazine with a stunning and never-before-seen picture. Thanks to our great forum member Amer, we now have a scan of it.

The magazine also reports that Rose and Rosario Dawson will be attending the Cannes Film Festival on May 22 for the presentation of Death Proof.

Score – May 2007

Media Alerts News & Rumors
Article written on May 15, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Rose McGowan has been placed #44 on Maxim magazine’s annual ‘Hot 100’ list for 2007. Each year, Maxim chooses 100 of the most successful women of the year in film, television, music, sports and fashion. All of the women on the list have several things in common, a tremendous amount of buzz and heat surrounding them, undeniable beauty and a promise of greater things to come over the next year. “With out fail Maxim‘s ‘Hot 100’ list is a complete list of the hottest women in the world who all possess these amazing characteristics. These women are currently on everyone’s minds and will only continue to become more popular as the year progresses,” Editor in Chief Jimmy Jellinik explained.

The top ten includes Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Biel, Ali Larter, Eva Mendez, Rihanna, Eva Longoria and Fergie.

Here is what Maxim had to say about Rose:

As a go-go dancer in Grindhouse, our April cover girl kicked ass with a machine-gun leg and four-inch stilettos. And in real life she’s just as tough, bragging, “In sixth grade I accidentally broke my boyfriend’s nose.” Damn, woman!

News & Rumors Site
Article written on May 14, 2007 by Riikkae-mail is extremely proud and happy to announce that Miss McGowan herself has agreed to do a fan interview for the site. You read correct – you are now able send in questions you have been itching to get answered and we will forward the most interesting and original ones to Rose to be replied.

Please limit the questions to five per person and remember to remain respective of Rose and her personal life.

Deadline over. We are not accepting any more questions.

Article written on May 12, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

I’ve finally added scans of the Grindhouse feature from the June 2007 issue of Empire magazine. That is 14 pages all together. Rachel and myself have also uploaded 60+ additional HQs from the Costume Institute Gala.

Enjoy the eye candy!

Empire – June 2007
2007 Costume Institute Gala

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Gallery Media Alerts
Article written on May 11, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Miss Rose is featured in the June 2007 issue of the UK’s i-D magazine with a brand new photoshoot and a great article. The pictures are absolutely amazing! I feel like I have to say this each time a new set of photos are out but the coverage just keeps on getting better and better! I’ve scanned and added the scans in the gallery. I hope you like them as much as I do!

i-D – June 2007

Article written on May 8, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

Our gorgeous Rose attended yet another event! She went to the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art honoring Poiret earlier this evening – Monday, May 7th. She looks incredibly stunning in a floor length nude J. Mendel number. Apparently designer Gilles Mendel whipped it up only the day before, when McGowan returned from Morocco! Other stunning celebs who attended were Rosario Dawson, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Bosworth and many more. It was such a glamorous evening, everyone was looking top notch!

Edit from Riikka: A total of 81 pictures have now been added to the gallery.

Costume Institute Gala 2007

'Grindhouse' News & Rumors
Article written on May 7, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Thanks to our loyal news contributor Devin for informing us that Miss Rose is up for an award at a new awards show, Guys Choice:

The preeminent night of the year for men will take place when comedian/actor Tracy Morgan hosts Spike TV’s first annual Guys Choice. Spike TV is giving the biggest shout-outs in television history to the things guys love most and is relying on its millions of viewers to decide who to bow down to from the worlds of sports, music, film, television and the internet. The show is scheduled to tape on June 9 at CBS Radford in Los Angeles. Spike TV’s Guys Choice premieres Wednesday, June 13 at 10:00 PM, ET/PT.

Rose is up against Battlestar Galactica‘s Tricia Helfer for the award of Femme Fatal. Please be sure to give your vote to Rose here! It would be lovely to see her win as we all know that she deserves any and all possible awards for her wonderful performances in Grindhouse.

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