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Dawn (2013, short, drama)
Directed by Rose McGowan
Starring Tara Barr, Reiley McClendon and Hannah Marks

"I just finished my first piece for RSA Black Dog, which is Ridley Scott's commercial music video company. I directed a 20-minute short with amazing actors. It was a really amazing project to do, and I felt really comfortable doing it, more so than I ever have acting."

Video Vault
Article written on April 18, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

“I figured you would talk about my breasts so I might as well wear a nice shirt.”

What an opening line from Rose! Due to popular demand, I’ve uploaded clips of her 1999 appearance on Howard Stern. This is probably one of the funniest and perhaps the most ‘controversial’ appearance of hers to date. She had just gotten engaged to Marilyn Manson back then. In case you’re easily offended or of a very young age, you may want to think twice before watching these clips as the topics discussed are for a mature audience.

Huge thanks to Michael again for providing us this amazing vintage treat. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much I do!

– Interviews: 1999

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Article written on April 14, 2008 by Rachele-mail

Just a quick question. What do the numbers 2002, 306 and 14 have in common? Well that would be Public Event Pictures from ‘2002’, with a total of ‘306’ pictures from ’14’ events. Can I hear a yay! Well, today I have uploaded heaps of pictures, and I can promise this, over the next few days there will be 100s more!

– Events: 2002 Latest Uploads

Article written on April 12, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

Last August, it was all but assured that Grindhouse babe Rose McGowan was set to star as the title character, an ultra-hot space vixen, in Robert Rodriguez’s remake of Barbarella.

Or so we thought.

Because soon came the budget disputes. And the posturing. And the claims that Universal didn’t want McGowan at all, preferring instead a bigger name actress like Jessica Alba or Nicole Kidman.

Turns out, we got it right the first time, McGowan insisted, telling MTV News that she was still very much signed on to play the lead in the upcoming film.

“[The news that I was out] was really irritating because I know all the people over there and obviously it wasn’t true. It was very malicious and there was no proof,” McGowan said of the rumors. “Oftentimes these things have basis in truth but this didn’t. I have contracts to prove it.”

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Video Vault
Article written on April 6, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

I’ve added three clips and the trailer for Rose’s 2001 movie Monkeybone. While the movie is no masterpiece and Rose’s role is a small one, she goes a decent job and makes a memorable impression as Miss Kitty. Enjoy the videos!

– Movies: Monkeybone

Gallery Media Alerts Sightings
Article written on April 5, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

The stunning Miss Rose has been photographed out and about in the Los Angeles area in the past few days. On April 1, she took her beloved Bug to the hairdressers, which resulted in the cutest candid set ever taken! On April 3, Rose was snapped running errands in West Hollywood. She looks stunning on both sets!

By the way, The Essentials will tonight present All About Eve (1950), one of my personal favorite movies ever. It stars Bette Davis and Anne Baxter, and features Marilyn Monroe in a small role. Be sure to tune in! Mycah is very busy at the moment but rest assured, the clips will be added, even if it is taking a little longer than usual.

– Candids: April 1, 2008
– Candids: April 3, 2008

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Article written on April 2, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

The stunning Miss Rose and her man Robert Rodriguez attended the EBMRF Dinner in Honor of Ken Paves’ Big Give a few days back in Hollywood. Want to learn more about the Big Give auctions? Click here for more information. It is unknown whether or not Rose and Robert will actually participate in it but we will definitely keep you updated if we find any related auctions.

Photos from the event are available in the gallery. Hopefully more will show up!

– Events: EBMRF Dinner in Honor of Ken Paves’ Big Give

News & Rumors
Article written on April 2, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

None other than Miss McGowan will be honored at the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival, which kicks off April 24. From SFGate:

Jason Lee and Rose McGowan will be featured during the April 26 Midnight Awards, which honors young actors and actresses entering the prime of their careers. Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired magazine, will present the state-of-the-cinema address: “Beyond Moving Pictures: Possibilities for the Future of Film,” on May 4 at Landmark’s Clay Theater.

Congratulations to Rose for the amazing honor! It is great to see her acknowledged this way.

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Media Alerts TCM
Article written on March 29, 2008 by Mycahe-mail

Here is what’s coming up tonight!

March 29, 2008The Great Escape (1963)
Starring: Steve McQueen, James Garner
Directed by: John Sturges

Based on a true story, The Great Escape deals with the largest Allied escape attempt from a German POW camp during the Second World War. The first part of the film focuses on the escape efforts within the camp and the process of secretly digging an escape tunnel. The second half of the film deals with the massive effort by the German Gestapo to track down the over 70 escaped prisoners who are at this point throughout the Third Reich attempting to make their way to England and various neutral countries.

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Gallery TCM Video Vault
Article written on March 29, 2008 by Mycahe-mail

Coverage from the third episode of The Essentials have been added. Rose discusses 1952’s The Bad and The Beautiful, looking nothing less than stunning in a look similiar to last week’s. They showed a brief spot before the episode which had new footage from an upcoming ep so I capped that as well. A little late, but enjoy none the less.


The Essentials – March 22, 2008 Captures

The Essentials – March 22, 2008 Clips

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Gallery Sightings
Article written on March 29, 2008 by Riikkae-mail

Rose McGowan was seen leaving Cut Restaurant in Hollywood, California on Thursday after spending the evening dining with Robert Rodriguez. Check out these super adorable candids of her playing around with the photographers. Hand goggles! Big thanks to Mariana for the find!

– Candids: March 27, 2008

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