R-M.com’s First Update

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Seems I’ve been able to have Rose-McGowan.com‘s first update. It is in the form of a gallery up date, and features some hot eye candy. Some old and some newer pictures, but mostly rare, exclusive to a fansite (well in high quality anyway). So here is hopefully the first of many updates:

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Charmed Season 5 DVD Art
Charmed Season 6 DVD Art
Charmed Season 7 DVD Art
Detour 2001 Photoshoot
MTV New Years Eve 2001 Bash
Charmed Season 4 Finale Press Conference
About Schmidt Premiere
Southie Premiere

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Trailer Countdown

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If you did not know yet, a new trailer for Rose’s upcoming movie, Grindhouse, will be released in… 2 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes and 01 seconds, hee. You can find a countdown for it over at Yahoo! Movies, who, alongside Verizon, are the the internet and mobile advertisers of the movie. They also have a new exclusive interview with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, called “What Is Grindhouse?”. It shows new footage of both of Rose’s characters.

Hopefully the release of the new trailer will also bring us new stills and other goodies.

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Welcome to Rose-McGowan.com!

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Welcome to Rose-McGowan.com, the newest addition to Rose McGowan online community! This site is owned and operated by Mycah, Rachel and Riikka. We’re all long time fans of the fabulous Miss McGowan and decided to build this site as a tribute to the woman we so adore. The site is not fully complete yet but you can already find lots of information on Rose (including facts, trivia, quotes and write ups on her fashion), her work (including pages on all of her movies and non-film projects), over 20,000 quality pictures and DVD screencaptures, video files, fan art, links and much, much more… With even more exclusive features coming up! We strive to bring you an extensive and often updated site on Rose that will run for many years to come. 🙂

Please stay tuned at Rose-McGowan.com for extensive coverage of the upcoming Grindhouse promo tour and whatever else the future may bring to our Goddess!

Any and all comments regarding the site are much appreciated. If you’re a fansite owner, don’t hesitate to apply as affiliates!

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