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Project Spotlight

Dawn (2014, short drama)
Directed by Rose McGowan
Starring Tara Barr, Reiley McClendon and Hannah Marks

"Dawn is really about what we do to young girls unwittingly, and how we send them out into the world completely unprotected, in a way that has, at times, really tragic consequences. Being polite at the risk of your own internal voice of danger being silenced is a pretty dangerous thing."

Exclusive Rose McGowan Q&A
We had the great honor of interviewing Rose McGowan for the second time exclusively for Rose-McGowan.com. Most of the questions are leftovers from our previous Q&A - we received so many questions from Rose's fans from all over the world that there simply was not enough time to get to them all the first time around! These are Rose's replies, which we received in July 2009. A huge "thank you" goes out to Rose for being so amazing to her fans and taking the time to answer our questions!

Riikka from Finland:
I am a huge Sylvia Plath fan so I am very excited that you are involved with the Bell Jar movie! When did you first encounter the novel and how do you feel about it? When are you expecting for the film to go into production?
I'm hoping The Bell Jar goes into production by 2010. The state of industry is not good. Financially and otherwise. Independent film financing is extremely challenging right now. So close yet so far!

The book is a staggering work. Truly. I love that you love it!

Is there anything that you can tell us about your upcoming appearance on Nip/Tuck?
As for Nip/Tuck - I had wanted to do a guest stint some years ago, but it never worked out schedule wise. It, as anyone who watches the show knows, is totally bananas. Just off the wall. I'm doing something I hope to never do hope to never do again - replace an actress who's already established a role. It didn't occur to me that it'd be completely unnerving and bizarre until I filmed my first scene. It was still a great experience. Unfortunately, my storyline is not with Julian McMahon, but we did get to laugh a lot and hang out on set.

It was reported that you were writing your own TV series about older gentlemen. Are you still working on this project?
Oh! I was. That reminds me to get back to it.

Also, is there a chance of Women in Chains! still happening?
I hope so. Again, the financial collapse in Europe has affected everything.

What is the thing that you most love about the studio era? Why would you have wanted to work during the studio system?
The studio era wasn't perfect, but it has a lot of positives. Women were the driving force at the box office from the late 20s until the late 40s. Each studio, especially MGM, was like a finishing school. They expected you to be a triple threat- sing, dance & act. I love all three. There's no real place for that now. :((.

On a side note - It's strange, singers are usually welcomed as actors, the reverse, not so much.

That's one of the reasons I've been so reticent to record.

Mycah from the US:
If you could meet any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?
Oh! wow. Tall order. Let's stick to actors, shall we? Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, Barbara Stanwyck. And then Shirley Temple, Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, a young Robert Taylor, Judy Holliday, Melvyn Douglas, Irene Dunne, Garbo, Jean Harlow on and on and on... Plus, I'd really like to meet Leonardo da Vinci!

What do you hope to have accomplished either personally or professionally, ten years from now?
Gosh, I really hope to be involved in some projects that i'm very proud of and that I'm creating my own work through producing. I also hope to live in Italy. hmmm....

Rachel from Australia:
Who are your favorite designers?
I wear a lot of Dolce & Gabbana because they design for slim women with curves. I'm 5'4 (and 3/4! hahaha) and weigh 105 lbs, it's hard for me to wear american designers because they cut so big. They've also made some amazing gowns for me and are super fun & nice, not snobby at all. I also like Anna Molinari, Moschino, Vivienne Westwood. I like vintage, especially the 1930s & 1950s. I also love shopping at Topshop.com. I hate going to stores, I buy almost everything online.

What helps you get into character before a scene?
I'm usually able to laugh, crack a joke until they say action, then I can cry and go into a really dark place. I feel guilty for manipulating my body. It has no idea why, mid-sob, they've called cut. Poor thing.

Sarah from the US:
What advice would you have for young women who aspire to become involved in films? Especially those who hope to work as directors, producers, etc., where women are scarcely represented?
Get a cheapie digital video camera and start shooting and editing on it. Just don't quit. It infuriates me how few women are on the other side of the camera. It is an extremely sexist business. It is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. But! We can change that!

What drives you to choose offbeat, unusual roles, as opposed to the typical "eye candy" cookie-cutter roles that young women are usually given in movies?
They don't offer me the 'typical' roles. Sometimes I think it would make my career easier if they did. Being in a big hit movie can open lots of doors. I guess they know I'm not the kind of girl who lets the big strong man do all the fun stuff while whimpering and hoping he's ok. I want to be the guy. Sigh. Probably my number one challenge.

Finally, the cliche question: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want with you?
Bug, Happy, and my Kindle with an unlimited number of books. I'd refuse to eat the fish so I'd probably starve to death.

Charlotte from the UK:
Which character have you most enjoyed playing?
Cherry Darling, Paige Matthews (Halliwell), Amy Blue, the character I played in Southie. I'm blanking on her name!

Angela from England:
What do you do on your days off?
Hang out with my dogs, read, hang out with my dogs, read... oh, the excitement.

Seán Mc Ginley from Ireland:
Rose, I am Irish and I'm wondering... You have seemed to be linked with the Irish leprehauns a lot in Charmed. Is there any particular reason why the producers did this? And do you like the Irish? Oh and by the way, thanks for all the wonderful years of entertainment! You are a true star! =)
Thank you and you're very welcome! I was confounded by the amount of leprechauns in Paige's life. There's an abnormal sentence. I think because I kept asking about it, the writers kept adding more storylines with them. I'm not gonna lie, those were some of the hardest to do. I loved the guest stars but it was awfully hard not to feel silly. Somehow, it all worked. Magic, I guess!! :))

I LOVE IRELAND!!!!! Omigoodness. One of the most beautiful places I've seen. When I went to see the Giant's Causeway, I was awestruck.

Blake from Australia:
Is there any recent news on Black Oasis? Is it moving closer to production?
Insert Bell Jar answer. Bank's aren't loaning to films and individuals who used to fund them are also devastated by the economy and cannot afford to finance. It's very hard to keep my chin up sometimes.

In 1996 you starred in Wes Craven's hit horror movie Scream. And sadly after a mishalf with the cat flap, your head was crushed. But in the sequal it was remoured that you made a little apperance - did you?
I didn't. I always thought I should come back as her twin and get revenge. :))

Blake from the US:
- A couple of years ago you said you might like to do a album. I was wondering if you had come closer to that wish of yours?
I am!

Ana from Greece:
What qualities do you value in a person?
Empathy, wit, kindness, and a big dose of silly.

What piece of advice would you give to your fans about life -- any important lesson that you have perhaps picked up throughout the years?
Rejection is God's protection.

It may be hard to see it in the moment, but it's always come true in the end. Even so, I still forget. Also, do not make yourself smaller so others feel bigger. Let your light shine.

Is there any project [film, play, show] that you wish you had starred in?
Gone With The Wind. You didn't say it had to be current. :)

Randel from the US:
How much research did you use for the character of Paige Matthews?
I didn't do research because Paige was clueless when I started. I learned along with her.

Kathryn from the US:
I have wanted to know for years what your beauty secrets are for looking so beautiful!! Thank you.
Awww, thanks. You can always tell my emotional state by my weight. If I'm too thin and my face looks gaunt, it means I'm very stressed. Otherwise, I'm ok. I've never smoked. Most actresses do. It's strange seeing my face change from being girlish and round to the more defined way that a woman looks. I try not to watch my stuff too much because it freaks me out. People think I look really different now, but it's just that I've grown up. Unless people watched Charmed, they didn't see that process. I can understand why it would be jarring. I wish people weren't mean but I can't help all the misconceptions. That damned growing up thing- happens to the best of us! :))

Kathryn, please forgive my tangent.

Hania from the UK:
If you hadn't become an actress, what would you have wanted to be?
Goodness, I think about that a lot. I'd still love to be a forensic pathologist. You never know.

Favorite place to travel to?
Italy. I feel instantly at home there.

Laura from Italy:
Who used to be your idol/s when you were a child?
Madonna. Still is.

What would be the best gift someone could give to you?
Being kind to their animals and helping rescue ones that are in harm's way.

Wrecker Wray:
Would you ever consider directing in the future?
I like producing.

When you first came to America how did you adjust?
It was really weird. Everything seemed really loud and bright. I was freaked out.

Guillermo from Colombia:
My question is this: Are you hoping for win one day the Oscar award acting in a drama movie or do you prefer act at movies like terror, action and comedy? All the best!
I can't wait to do a well received drama. I hope my dream comes true. It's hard though, I love doing all of it. I don't think I could choose.

Jono from the UK:
People think I'm a retard because I have a secret obsession with the 1950s and Connie Francis! I love the music and the style of that era. I hear that you feel the same way about the 1930s era. What is it that draws you to this era?
I have lots of different obsessions at different times. I just laugh when people think it odd and you should too! The 30s, well... I've always had a sense that I'm in the wrong time period. Not much I can do though!

When you played Ann Margret in Elvis, did you feel under pressure because you were portaying an actual person and not a fictional character? I haven't seen it yet because it wasn't aired in England but I'm gonna get it on eBay or something... my favourite actress AND the 1950s!! What could be better?!!
It was great and yes, intimidating. I'm not sure why, but the director didn't want me to do her voice. I thought that was totally bizarre. I tried to go for a middle ground.

How do you feel when fans stop you in the street? Is it nice to be appreciated or does it get kind of annoying?
I'm happy to say I'm known for being pleasant and kind when I meet people. I know how scared I would be to go up to someone!

Ryan from the US:
Hello Rose! Would you ever want to be on a TV show again or are you just going to stick with movies?
I'd do a cable show. Some of them are fantastic. I don't think I could do a network show though unless it was a big ensemble. I need balance in my life!

Sarah Amelia from Canada:
If you found out there was going to be a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you?
Oh! good one. I'm totally stumped. Sorry.

Jessica from Germany:
I can imagine that you often have a lot of stress while filming a movie. What do you do to relax or where do you gain new energy from? I tell myself I can sleep when I'm done. I'm also a big fan of sucking it up, honoring my contract and doing the work I agreed to do to the best of my ability that day.

Chloe from the US:
What is your favorite book?
The Count of Monte Cristo. The unabridged version.

Ed from the US:
Any chance the character of Cherry will spin off into other things such as a comic book super-hero or series? Would you play her role again? Thanks!
Thanks, Ed. I think Cherry is rad and there's really no limit to the storylines one could do with her. I do think she'll be making an appearance soon.

Stephanie from the US:
We know you met Robert Rodriguez at the Cannes Film Festival, but how did you meet Quentin Tarantino?
I met QT years ago in Hollywood somewhere. He came up to me and told me he had my first movie, The Doom Generation, on Laser Disc! It was so funny. Even though I've known him for a long time, I still had to audition twice for Death Proof. hahahaha.

What would your dream movie role be?
A big sweeping epic like Gone With the Wind.

As a fellow old movie lover, I'd love to know which old movies are your favorites.
I'll list a few in no particular order...

Jezebel, GWTW, Lawrence of Arabia, Curly Top, Bright Eyes, Night of the Hunter, A Place In The Sun, Pillow Talk, Teacher's Pet, M, Call Her Savage, Roman Holiday, Double Indemnity, Out of the Past, Baby Face, The Philadelphia Story, A Christmas In Connecticut, Ninotchka, The Awful Truth, My Favorite Wife, Houseboat, Two Women, Belle du Jour. My head is swimming with movies now. Sigh, I love classic film so.

Vishani from England:
Your first big break was in The Doom Generation with Jonathan Schaech and James Duvall, does Grindhouse see you coming back to more of that genre? And are these the films you most enjoy doing?
I love kicking ass, but I love being soft and vulnerable. Hopefully, I can find a balance.

You're quite the talented singer and just been wondering will your song "Protection" ever be released?
I don't know about "Protection". I do enjoy singing on soundtracks though.

Anne from the US:
If you could choose what era you could live in what would it be?
The 30s, during the studio system.

What is the worst thing about being an actress?
oh, dear. the hurt, pain, disappointment, humiliation... ha, quite a few things. there's good, too. the moment when you get to disappear into a role, that's the best

Jess from England:
Which actors and actresses do you most admire, and why? See above. Also, Julianne Moore, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, everyone on Mad Men, Jodie Foster, George Clooney, Tilda Swinton...

Giovanni from Italy:
Your Vargas girl tattoo was fantastic, that pin-up was like an extension of your personality... Why did you decide to remove it?
I wanted my skin to be my skin again.

Rose, you are like a muse to me... and I would like to be inspired by you creating a recepy in your honour, that's why I would like to know what your favourite ingredients are, spices and recepies to create a dish for my own italian restaurant that actually "tastes" like you.
Thank you!! My favorite dish is probably already on your menu! A simple aglio olio with red pepper flakes = heaven. Now I'm hungry. Wish I was at your ristorante.

Eric from the US:
I know you love karaoke, do you have a favorite song you like to sing?
I do! "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger. I know! weird, right?

Thank you all for being so kind and interested. I really appreciate it and am most grateful. You're all total stars!

All the best,

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