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Dawn (2013, short, drama)
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"I just finished my first piece for RSA Black Dog, which is Ridley Scott's commercial music video company. I directed a 20-minute short with amazing actors. It was a really amazing project to do, and I felt really comfortable doing it, more so than I ever have acting."

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Article written on October 12, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

I have created a massive new batch of icons featuring our beloved Cherry Darling and Pam. Go here to view everything! Remember to beware of future spoilers if you haven’t seen the movies. Remember if you make any new Rose art, particularly out of the new Grindhouse captures. don’t for forget to send them in. :cute:

'Grindhouse' Gallery
Article written on October 11, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

I finished capping the awesome special features of the Planet Terror two disc set, which feature some really cool Rose related footage.

Also, Robert Rodriguez says on the “10 Minute Film School” featurette to look for a “10 Minute Cooking School Texas BBQ” featurette, “which will be on the upcoming double disk Grindhouse DVD”! So it looks like there will be even more Grindhouse stuff for us to look forward to!

10 Minute Film School
The Badass Babes of Planet Terror
The Guys of Planet Terror
Sickos, Bullets and Explosions

'Grindhouse' Gallery
Article written on October 10, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

I pre-ordered my copy of Planet Terror a few weeks back and to my surprise, I already received it today, six days before the official release date! So I took advantage of that and immediately made captures of Rose’s wonderful turn as Cherry Darling! I made sure to capture all of the frames that you may require for fan art or just for the simple viewing pleasure, hence the 1398 HQ images. I hope to do the special features tomorrow. Meanwhile, be sure to enjoy these wonderful caps!

Please register/log in to view the Planet Terror captures but please be aware that the images may contain huge spoilers, lots of gore and some uber sexy scenes. Do not enter if you do not like any of the above!

Planet Terror DVD Screencaptures (Extended Version)

'Grindhouse' Gallery
Article written on September 27, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

Riikka has scanned two Italian magazines which had features on Miss McGowan and Grindhouse. You can check out the great scans in the gallery, there is a new Cherry promo pic. 😉 Happy reading to the Italian fans!

Ciak – September 2007
Best Movie – September 2007

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'Grindhouse' Gallery Video Vault
Article written on September 21, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

I got my copy of Death Proof today and, as promised, I made captures and clips of all the DVD features which featured Rose. There weren’t too many but Rose’s role is small so it’s not surprising. If you are interested in a detailed list of what’s available on the discs then be sure to read over here.

In all Rose was only featured in two segments, well, okay, really one if you don’t include the blink or miss moment from Kurt Russel’s featurette. However there is a great international trailer for Death Proof which has no mention of Planet Terror in sight, but also gave an interesting look at how the both the Grindhouse films really do standalone, even if you’re like me, and prefer them back-to-back. There was also an international trailer for Planet Terror, again no mention of DP in that one. The other features are very good, this is a must own for the Grindhouse fans! Also be sure to view the new posters we have been adding. Now I can’t wait until October 16, bring on Planet Terror!

Grindhouse – Posters & Covers
Death Proof – DVD Screencaptures – Finding Quentin’s Gals
Death Proof – DVD Screencaptures – Kurt Russel as Stuntman Mike
Death Proof – DVD Screencaptures – International Trailer
Death Proof – DVD Screencaptures – Poster Gallery
Death Proof – DVD Screencaptures – Menus
Planet Terror – DVD Screencaptures – International Trailer

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Article written on September 18, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror will be presented at the London Film Festival on Saturday October 27, 2007. The festival will also hold a special event on October 28, where Rodriguez will discuss his varied career, from Spy Kids to Planet Terror. Please head over to the festival’s website for further details and ticket information.

Also, Death Proof will finally open in the UK on Friday so be sure to go and see it!

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'Elvis' 'Grindhouse'
Article written on September 18, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Some DVD alerts/reminders for Rose’s American fans as there’s been quite a few related releases recently.

The final season of Charmed was released on DVD on September 11. Be sure to grab your copy from Amazon to see how the story ends for Paige and her sisters. Tarantino’s Death Proof will, of course, be released today, September 18 and may be pre-ordered here.

And while you’re at it, do not forget about the recent DVD releases of Elvis and The Doom Generation.

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'Grindhouse' Gallery Video Vault
Article written on September 8, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

Although Death Proof doesn’t officially hit the streets on Region 1 DVD until September 18, I have a nice surprise and can present you with DVD captures and clips of Rose’s extended scenes early! Thanks to Mariana for making us the screencaps. Be sure to pre-order the two disc version of the film for yourself! As soon as I get it, I will make caps & clips of any special features which feature Rose. (Hopefully there will be some!) Remember the caps may be spoilery if you haven’t seen it. Login/register to enjoy the baby Pam goodness!

DVD Screencaptures – Death Proof (Extended Version)

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'Grindhouse' News & Rumors
Article written on September 6, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

The nominees for the 2007 Scream Awards have just been announced, and Grindhouse has picked up an awesome 11 nominations, included one for Miss Rose herself! The film got nominated in several categories including Best Horror Movie, Best Cameo, Most Vile Villain, Memorable Mutilation, Best Director and more!

Most of you will recall the foxy Grindhouse gals Rose, Rosario Dawson and Marley Shelton hosted the first ever awards show last year. Robert & Quentin even debuted Grindhouse footage for the first time on the program. Here is to hoping we’ll get a Rose McGowan appearance this year!

Now being called Scream 2007, the awards show is a celebration of the best in Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comic genres – The two-hour event, will tape on Friday, October 19 at the Greek Theatre and premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 23 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

Beginning on Friday, September 7 thru Friday, October 19 fans can vote for their favorites by visiting Also online, fans can log-on to view exclusive red carpet and backstage coverage of the event.

Kate Beckinsale, Vacancy
Rosario Dawrson, Grindhouse
Jordana Brewster, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Bijou Phillips, Hostel, Part II
Rose McGowan, Grindhouse
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Grindhouse

Check out all the nominees and see what Grindhouse is up against at!

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'Grindhouse' Articles
Article written on August 13, 2007 by Rachele-mail

Rose McGowan recently gave an interview to the Swiss daily newspaper “20 Minuten”. A thank you goes out to Hager Halliwell from Charmed: The Prophecy for the English translation of the interview:

“I like the anonymity in Los Angeles”

Yesterday, blood was shed on the Piazza Grande. Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror, his homage to the Gore-Movies, was shown at the Locarno Film Festival. Rose McGowan, 33, plays the lead, “The movie is cute,” says she.

Q: Do you like going to film festivals?

McGowan: Yes, because it always takes me places I’ve never been to before–like Locarno. I also briefly stopped in Zurich.
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