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Rose McGowan Writes and Sings an Alternative National Anthem

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Rose McGowan Planet 9 Music

Musicians were asked to create alternative national anthems for Dazed & Confused. Rose McGowan sent Dazed “Planet 9″, a passionate monologue backlit by a droning cacophony. Listen to the musical piece on the Dazed website or below.

“I feel like women have not been able to properly mourn what it means to lose to this man and all men, continually. This one feels particularly vicious, but what he’s about is what we’ve been saying all along. The system is rigged against women. I wanted to give voice to our emotions and thoughts. I’ve spoken to so many women about how we are not represented in the media in the aftermath of the election. Trans bathrooms, while important, get more coverage than the systematic dismantling of Roe v. Wade which will directly affect women by literally killing us. So, here it is, my national anthem. Planet 9 for a new place where we are all safe and loved, but we must fight for this place. Our lives depend on it. I ask that when people listen, they do so with their eyes shut. Listening twice is also recommended.” – Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan the Singer

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Many heard Rose McGowan’s stunning vocals for the very first time in 2015 with the release of her debut single “RM486”. Rose has actually been involved in several music projects for many years, contributing both vocals and songwriting. For example, her gorgeous voice was heard on the Planet Terror soundtrack. She also performed twice on the television series Charmed. Namely, Rose sang “Hush Little Baby” and a sultry version of “Fever” in the episode Sense and Sense Ability (5.20). She also has been known to sing during interviews, as on Jimmy Kimmel once.

Whilst we wait for the release of her debut album, read on for further details on Rose McGowan’s music.

Rose McGowan singing on Charmed

• Vocals on the song “Posthuman”, from the album Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson (1998, Interscope Records).

• Vocals on the song “Superfabulous”, from the album Emotional Technology by BT (2003, Nettwerk Records) Written by BT and Rose McGowan.

• Vocals on the song “Protection”, as heard in Strange Hearts (2001). Written by Rose McGowan and J.L.

• Vocals on the song “You Belong To Me”, from the soundtrack to Planet Terror (2007). Written by Pee Wee King, Chilton Price and Redd Stewart, Originally performed by Patsy Cline.

• Vocals on the song “Useless Talent #32”, from the soundtrack to Planet Terror (2007). Written by Rebecca Rodriguez and Robert Rodriguez.

• Vocals on the song “Two Against The World”, from the soundtrack to Planet Terror (2007). Written by Rebecca Rodriguez and Robert Rodriguez.

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RM486 Music Video by Rose McGowan

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Rose has just released a striking new music video for her first official single “RM486.” The star teams up with Spun director Jonas Åkerlund and is styled by Swedish fashion maverick B. Åkerlund.

Styled as a gorgeous, white alien shuffling between eccentric costumes that range from fetish goth to fallen angel chic — it’s a fitting video for the eerie piano ballad accentuated only by the subtle synth line and reverb-y vocals. Watch the haunting video below and prepare to have your breath taken away.

A look at the inimitable actor’s first musical performance

Rose McGowan is done with being told what to do. Having called out the film industry for sexism and left her acting career behind, The Doom Generationstar returned to Hollywood earlier this year with guns blazing – this time from the other side of the camera. After shooting her arresting directorial debut, the Sundance Award-nominated short Dawn, the actor-turned-director has teamed up with Spun director Jonas Åkerlund, enlisting his signature gothic vision for her unanticipated pop promo in the form of RM486.

Styled by Swedish fashion maverick B. Åkerlund, each of McGowan’s theatrical guises represents a different facet of the star’s morphing persona: from alien outsider (“Not only did I not fit in, I didn’t want to fit in,” she says of her formative years) to Hollywood starlet and beyond. Each persona carries a message, with the goth confronting people’s perception of beauty: “I actually think she’s the most beautiful,” McGowan says. Here the actor-turned director talks rocking the boat and kicking up an art fuss.

This release marks your musical debut, why now?
Rose McGowan:
In the last few years I’ve actually released some songs under different names, just me pranking the public. I woke up one day and realised I hated acting and that I’d always hated it. Imagine, its predominantly men whose scripts get done so it was mostly a male voice coming out of my mouth for fifteen years.

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