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Woman’s Best Friend: A History of Rose McGowan’s Dogs

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Rose McGowan's Dogs

While Rose McGowan grew up not really owning animals, some adorable pups have captured her heart through the years.

“It all started with Bug.” – Rose McGowan

Bug, her first Boston Terrier was adopted during the time Rose was making her second movie. She said she became obsessed with her and the breed.

Bug McGowan

“I didn’t even know I wanted a Boston. But Bug’s little feet had fallen through the metal cage floor, she was standing in her pee, and she’d been marked down twice.” She knew that in “pet store world” that was a very bad sign. “There was no way I could look at her sad eyes and leave her there.”

Six months later she went back and bought Fester (named after The Addams Family’s Uncle Fester). Fester also was found in miserable conditions and she decided she couldn’t leave him there either.

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Rose McGowan and Her Late Dog Bug in Dogs 101 Video

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A few years back, Rose appeared on the Animal Planet show Dogs 101 to talk about the history of Boston Terriers. In the video you can see Rose with her sweet little Boston. Bug unfortunately passed away in the summer of 2010. Rose is a huge lover Boston Terriers and frequently supports animal rescues and charities.

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21 Rose McGowan Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Rose McGowan Facts

Full Name: Rose Arianna McGowan

Date of birth: September 5, 1973

Place of birth: Florence, Italy

Family: Daniel (father), Terri (mother), Nathaniel, Daisy, Eva, Viola, Rebecca, James, Bobbie and Lloyd (brothers and sisters)

Marrial status: Dating musician and producer Jordy Asher aka Boots

Pets: Sasquatch & Mrs. Noodle (dogs)

Height: 5′ 4″ (163 cm)

Hair color: Brunette

Eye color: Brown

Occupation: Director, musician

Former jobs: Rose noteably quit acting to go behind the camera, has been a part-time model including the face of “Bebe” clothing and has done singing for Marilyn Manson, BT and various movie roles, most notably for the Planet Terror soundtrack. She’s also been a waitress, an usher and worked at her aunt’s beauty salon and has had a number of other temporary jobs

Body modifications: Used to have a tattoo of a pin-up girl on her shoulder and a navel ring

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RIP Wes Craven (1939–2015)

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Wes Craven, the director who gave the world A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Scream franchise, and The Hills Have Eyes, has passed away at the age of 76 after enduring a private battle with brain cancer. Wes Craven has become synonymous with genre bending and innovative horror, challenging audiences with his bold vision. Rose of coursed starred as Tatum Riley in 1996’s Scream. As huge fan’s of Craven’s and the Scream film, we are deeply saddened by this loss and our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Craven’s loved ones.

For many of us, Scream is what introduced us to Rose McGowan, and although Tatum only appears in one film, her iconic character is still a fan favorite and one of the more memorable roles in all of the series. Rose sent out the following tweets after Craven’s family posted the announcement on his Twitter.

“Shedding tears now. A giant has left us. #wescraven #always #liveon

Thank you for being the kindest man, the gentlest man, and one of the smartest men I’ve known. Please say there’s a plot twist. #wescraven

On a personal note, as a huge horror fan, I am crushed by the news. So much of my youth was actually shaped by characters introduced by Craven. In 1997 I was introduced to horror films with a double feature screening of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2. That day my intense love of horror began. I still remember watching Scream for the first time, I remember being scared of Freddy Kruger and my uncle singing me “1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…”. I remember looking for all the various Scream VHS box covers in every store we were in. If you are a lover of horror you know what an impact this man had on the genre and ultimately reinventing it with its cliches being brought to the surface with Scream. He gave us one of the most frightening (and cool) baddies with Freddy. Then he flipped the script and gave us a reinvention with A New Nightmare. Let us not forget his first film The Last House on the Left is one of the most brutal and scary films well before intensely brutal horror films became the thing. He gave us Freddy Kruger, Ghostface, Tatum Riley, Sidney Prescott, Nancy Thompson and let’s not forget he introduced us to a then unknown Johnny Depp!

His imagination and films will live on with us forever. Rest in pieces, Mr. Craven. 🔪

“What I’ve tried to do is make movies where I can honestly say I haven’t seen that before.” – Wes Craven

Wes Craven RIP

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Rose McGowan’s Dog Steals Her Underwear

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Rose McGowan’s 2-year-old Pomeranian leads a charmed life.

Not only is Sasquatch one of the apples of her eyes (the Conan the Barbarian star also has a Boston terrier named Happy), but she manages to get away with everything, too.

“Sasquatch isn’t really great with toes. She likes to bite my toes and my hands and steal my underwear,” McGowan told People at Wednesday’s InStyle Summer Soiree in West Hollywood. “Happy is [better behaved].”

Happy, 11, and McGowan found each other two years ago. McGowan’s Boston terrier Fester had recently died, and her beloved first Boston, Bug, was not doing well. So McGowan turned to the Boston Brigade rescue and adopted Happy.

“I got him because I knew Bug wanted to die, and it was like she didn’t want to leave me without knowing I would be taken care of,” McGowan tells Modern Dog in its summer issue. “It gave her peace, or something.”

When Bug died last June, McGowan decided to rescue Sasquatch, a mini-Pomeranian who once belonged to a hoarder. Sasquatch, Happy and McGowan are all better off together.

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Brief Children Spring Dinner Dance Interview

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Rose McGowan is doing her best to look as young as she can for as long as possible.

The actress, 37, shares her beauty do’s and don’ts – and one the facet of her life that grows more precious with time.

When it comes to her beauty do’s, Rose rattles off a few top tips as her boyfriend Rob Adams stands in the background.

“Always use moisturizer, and always wash your face,” she tells me at A Fool’s Fete Spring Dance hosted by New Yorkers for Children to benefit youth in foster care held Tuesday at Mandarin Oriental in NYC.

What’s her beauty don’t?

“Don’t smoke,” she tells me. “You’ll look like an old hag if you smoke!”

One “old thing” she holds onto is her Scream buddies.

“Of course I’ll go see Scream 4,” she says. “I’m excited about seeing the old gang. I see Neve [Campbell] from time to time, I see Courteney [Cox] from time to time, and I see David [Arquette] more than anybody.”

Source: OK Magazine

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Rose McGowan on That Time She Danced on a Table in a Colombian Drug Den

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How does Grindhouse star Rose McGowan manage to stay out of the tabloids? By doing her table-dancing out of the country and away from the paparazzi, thank you very much: “The last time I danced on a table I was in Colombia in a drug den with a bunch of crazy arms dealers and drug dealers,” she casually volunteered last night at the Lion, at a party for Brian Atwood’s new shoe line, B Brian Atwood. “I went there to buy some emerald earrings, and that’s where the best ones are.” They’re very pretty, we told her. But please tell us more about the drug dealers.

“I was not aware that they were drug dealers at the time,” she said. “I was going up to them and asking if they were gay and if they’d like to sleep with my male friend. They were not gay, and apparently that’s very frowned upon in that culture. It was about to get me shot. I had a bodyguard. But anyway, I stay out of trouble because I don’t do stuff.” Except stuff like dancing on tables in Colombian drug dens? “Correct,” McGowan told us. “I wasn’t aware that it was a drug den, so I was innocent. I just love dancing. But the thing is, if I danced on a table here, I would be Tara Reid or Lindsay Lohan.”

Source: NY Mag

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New Singing Clips

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I know that like us, many of you are always excited to hear more of our lady’s sultry voice, so I was really excited to find two new clips of Rose singing. The first is a beautiful song called “Wake Me” and it is from the movie Dead Awake. The clip also has some previously unseen stills it so be sure to watch! Second clip will get you in the Holiday spirit; lovely Rose sings “Baby It’s Cold Outside” at about 1:09 in this video from her at the MOCA event. Thanks to Laura and Jarod for spotting these wonderful treats! Enjoy!

By the way, we would like to make everyone aware that updates will be extremely scarce until the first of the year from here on out. We’re both incredibly busy with school, work and, of course, the upcoming holidays. We will do our best to make updates whenever possible, but just know there will be a slow period for the next month or so. You can actually expect no updates at all during the weeks of November 30 – December 16. We will pick up any missing updates during this slow time sometime after. Please bear with us. 🙂

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Authentic Rose Autograph Up for Charity Auction!

4 have left comments / Leave one is happy and excited to present an eBay auction of an authentic Rose McGowan autograph in honor of her 37th birthday, and to benefit Boston Terrier Rescue Net, one of Rose’s favorite charities.

Actress Rose McGowan turns 37-years old on September 5, 2010. To celebrate Rose’s birthday, her fansite – Dedicated to a Rose is auctioning a photograph signed by Rose herself for charity. 90% of the final sale price will support Boston Terrier Rescue Net, a charity close to Rose’s heart. Boston Terrier Rescue Net is a 501c non-profit rescue organization dedicated to fundraising to assist Boston Terrier Rescue efforts nationally. As any fan of Rose would know, she absolutely adores Boston Terriers!

The winner of the auction will receive a 8×12″ (20x30cm) sized professionally printed photo hand signed by Rose McGowan in black marker. This is a unique chance to get Rose McGowan’s authentic signature while giving back and supporting a great cause in honor of our favorite actress’ birthday. Please bid generously and with confidence!

Please click here for further details and to place your bid to support this fantastic cause! The auction ends in exactly a week’s time, on Rose’s 37th birthday.

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Rose McGowan’s Old Spice Response

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Check out Rose’s hilarious response to Old Spice now on YouTube!

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