About Us

“Think of all the stories not on screen because women are blocked by the status quo. Fuck the status quo. Honestly, it got so boring in front of the camera I had to quit. Boring often times egomaniacal tyrants not making art. Why ever should that change? Add women. Change the conversation. Promote depth.” – Rose McGowan

We are an international community of film lovers, web geeks, and feminists supporting Rose McGowan’s endeavors in film, the arts, and as an activist. We host an online Rose McGowan museum, if you will, that has been online since 2007. This website is approved by Rose McGowan.

Is this Rose McGowan’s official website?

Rose has been greatly appreciative of our efforts on Rose-McGowan.com since day one. In fact, she gave us her seal of approval shortly after the launch of the site, and she has been involved with the site many times over. For example, Rose has provided us with not one but two site exclusive interviews. We ♥ you, Rose McGowan! In addition, we’ve collaborated with multiple charities supported by Rose, including the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Ready to join the #RoseArmy?

Are you ready to be more conscious and make an impact on film and the society? Join us in the #RoseArmy as we work to dismantle the status quo. We encourage the sharing of your battles, art, thoughts and dreams.

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So who is behind Rose-McGowan.com?

Riikka Pennanen

Riikka Pennanen


Works on: Online content, SEO, social media and gallery.
Has been doing this since: I’ve been involved with running several websites related to Rose since the late 1990s, including Rose McGowan Online and Confessions of Rose McGowan. I’m one of the two founders of Rose-McGowan.com, so I’ve been working on it since 2007.
Favorite city: Helsinki, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Sydney, Venice – I just can’t choose one!
Fave food: Love a Pad Thai.
Current most played song? Beyonce – Formation
Describe yourself in three fictional characters: Ilana (Broad City), Lucy (I Love Lucy), and Tira (I’m No Angel)
Random fact: I speak four languages: Finnish, English, Swedish and Spanish.

For me Rose represents an era long gone. Her glamour, sass and screen presence remind me of the Golden Age of Hollywood. More than anything, I love that she’s always been outspoken and unapologetically herself – and now more than ever.

Through my work as a webmistress here at Rose-McGowan.com, I have been able to unite my love of cinema, online content and social media. In addition to being a kick ass webmistress, I’m also a film historian, a journalist and a bona fide globetrotter.

Dale McCarthy

Dale McCarthy


Works on: Online content and social media.
Has been doing this since: I had the pleasure of getting to know Riikka and Micah online via Twitter in 2009, and was a regular visitor to the original site back then – so after many discussions (and actually meeting lovely Riikka in person in 2011), I slowly began officially contributing to Rose-McGowan.com, and joined the online staff shortly thereafter.
Favorite city: Nothing quite compares to the London buzz, I must say.
Fave food: Seafood!
Current most played song? Tina Turner – Proud Mary
Describe yourself in three fictional characters: Am I allowed to say the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus?
Random fact: In my spare time, I enjoy recreating famous movie costumes in miniature form.

To me Rose represents a voice for the voiceless – a courageous warrior of a human who is a beacon of inspiration in the world of art, activism and human rights. An extremely versatile artist (take a look at her filmography, such varied performances!) with a powerful message to the world – do better, stay strong, be brave.

When I am not creating the odd bit of online content for Rose-McGowan.com, I indulge in a fair amount of art – drawing portraits is one of my favorite hobbies.