Woman’s Best Friend: A History of Rose McGowan’s Dogs

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Rose McGowan's Dogs

While Rose McGowan grew up not really owning animals, some adorable pups have captured her heart through the years.

“It all started with Bug.” – Rose McGowan

Bug, her first Boston Terrier was adopted during the time Rose was making her second movie. She said she became obsessed with her and the breed.

Bug McGowan

“I didn’t even know I wanted a Boston. But Bug’s little feet had fallen through the metal cage floor, she was standing in her pee, and she’d been marked down twice.” She knew that in “pet store world” that was a very bad sign. “There was no way I could look at her sad eyes and leave her there.”

Six months later she went back and bought Fester (named after The Addams Family’s Uncle Fester). Fester also was found in miserable conditions and she decided she couldn’t leave him there either.

“I was looking at it as a very high-priced form of rescue.” Fester was scrawny, underweight, and obviously too young to be away from his mother. “He tried to nurse off of my arm.” Not cute and fat like Bug, he was sickly, had an eye infection, and had a piece of metal in his stomach. “He was a wretch.”

Fester McGowan

She called them her “Little freaky gargoyles … like Jim Carrey trapped in dog’s bodies.” If you have ever read articles or watched interviews with Rose you cannot miss mentions of her dogs – she actually interviewed her boston terriers once for Interview magazine, brought them in for Jay Leno and appeared on an Animal Planet special called Dogs 101 to discuss Boston Terriers! Rose truly loved her dogs. “They make me laugh a lot.”

“I’ve got these two weird dogs. Do you know what Boston Terriers are? They’re like bug eyed, black and white, they kind of look like me, black and white with bug eyes.”

Ever since Rose found Bug and Fester in such harsh conditions, she has been an activisit for breed.

“This may sound weird, but I actually troll the Internet for dogs that need surgeries that might otherwise be unaffordable. And I help out in any way I can. So I donate a lot to the ASPCA. I’m also a big supporter of Boston Brigade and the Boston Terrier Rescue Network. For my birthday every year, my friends know that when they come to my party, all 20 or 30 of them have to each show me a receipt that proves they’ve made a donation to Boston Terrier rescue. It’s mandatory. Even if they only donate $5, every little bit helps.”

Back in May 2008 we learned that Rose’s beloved pup Fester suffered from a brain tumor. “He’s 11 years old, but five weeks ago he was jumping in the air. For now, we all have to say a prayer for Fester.” Unfortunately, Fester passed away on July 4, 2008. Rose had Fester for over a decade. Our condolences and sympathies went out to Rose. We felt the heartbreak as fans having known how much she adored him. “He’s the best man I’ve ever known. I can’t imagine life without him. I loved him so,” wrote McGowan of her dog.

Bug McGowan

The heartbreak continued two years later when we received news that Bug, Rose’s beloved girl of 14 wonderful years, had passed away on June 22, 2010. Rose posted the crushing news via her Twitter account. “I am shattered. Don’t know life without her,” she wrote. When she posed for the cover, Rose told Modern Dog magazine “Bug was the love of my life.”

“I would’ve moved mountains to save him. To save them both. It’s funny… well, actually, no it’s not funny… but I spent well over $250,000 on surgeries and procedures. I would buy my olive oil at the 99-cent store, just so I could afford the medical bills. Bug was so accident-prone too. She was allergic to bees, which she would try to go after and catch in her mouth, so I always had to carry an epi-pen.”

Happy McGowan

After Fester passed away, back in 2008, Rose decided to give home to another pup, a nine year-old Boston Terrier she rescued through the Boston Brigade and named Happy. He was an elderly Boston when Rose McGowan adopted him.

“I got him because I knew Bug wanted to die, and it was like she didn’t want to leave me without knowing I would be taken care of. It gave her peace, or something.”

Sasquatch McGowan

After Bug died, Rose adopted Sasquatch, a little Pomeranian. “She’s pretty funny… She’s from hell.” Of the feisty black dog Rose told People, “Sasquatch isn’t really great with toes. She likes to bite my toes and my hands and steal my underwear.”

Mrs. Noodle - Rose McGowan's foster dog

She also fostered a large but gentle mixed breed with ex-husband Davey Detail. Of Mrs. Noodle, Rose says she was “sweet as pie.” There was a bit of controversy when Rose McGowan’s foster dog jumped on an 85-year-old neighbor after she showed the dog some attention which caused her to lose her balance, fall, and hit her head on the pavement. A million dollar lawsuit ensued over the incident because the woman suffered “extreme brain damage” according to TMZ. While Rose felt bad about the incident, it was clearly an accident and she said it wasn’t her fault.

“The woman was standing on the hill’s 65% incline,” continued the statement. “This terribly sad accident was an unfortunate sequence of events. Do I wish this tiny elderly woman hadn’t stopped to talk to my foster dog? Yes. Did it happen? Yes. Am I responsible? No.” – Rose McGowan

Currently Rose McGowan and her Pomeranian Sasquatch are living out their lives in the big apple. It’s clear she truly adores her dogs more than anything else.

“They’re my best friends and they’ll like you no matter what, if you’re out in the big scary world, they’re the happiest thing to come home to.” – Rose McGowan

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