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Welcome to version 9 of! We have launched a brand new version to celebrate our site’s anniversary. We first launched in February 2007, which means that has been online for a whole decade! Where has all the time gone?

With a new, responsive design we are also celebrating a new direction of the site. In the last couple of years Rose McGowan has taken her talents behind and beyond the camera – and we want the website to celebrate and reflect that. We will still provide photos and content on Rose’s acting career but our main focus will be on her career as a filmmaker, as an artist, and as an activist.

We ask for your patience as we’re still working on converting and refreshing a lot of our old content, which will be available soon. We’ve also decided to part with our old forum. As much as we loved it, the internet has changed a lot since we first opened and the conversations have now moved on to social media. So instead of the forum, we hope to interact with all of you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Without further ados, thank you for all of your support throughout the years and we hope you enjoy the new direction of the site!

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We work hard to bring you a fun and extensive website: an online Rose McGowan museum, if you will! Discover everything from Rose's first acting gig to her becoming a kick ass director. is dedicated to the rose that is Rose McGowan and to put forward the utmost respect and admiration of our favorite scene stealer - and scene creator. Curious to learn more about how we got started?


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