Law & Order: SVU: Rose McGowan Talks Upcoming Guest Spot

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On Wednesday, March 23, Law & Order: SVU will have their newest big-name guest star appear on the show in Rose McGowan, who is set to play a popular woman at a swingers’ club by the name of Cassandra Davina. As for why Benson and Stabler are at the club, it has a little bit to do with a stabbing victim who has some rather strong connections to the organization.

Early on in a conference call with reporters, McGowan (along with writer Dan Truly) explained how exactly the story’s sexuality ended up working on a network where censorship is still present ot a large degree:

“I don’t think the network limitations was the part that was challenging — I was grateful for those … Dan Truly is kind of a genius in the way he [approached] it. You will see that ‘bombshell’ has another new meaning.”

Truly agreed, and actually said that the network actually enabled them to take a fun sort of creative direction into what happens in swingers’ clubs. (McGowan said there were “no similarities” between herself and the character, which she said was enticing to play.)

Source: Examiner

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