Scream Blu-ray Screencaps

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The gallery has been updated with high resolution Blu-ray screencaps of Rose’s performance as Tatum in Scream (1996), which is, of course, one of her most memorable and best beloved roles to-date. I noticed a couple of frames missing from the Blu-ray transfer (OCD!), most notably that Tatum’s hand is not shown slashed towards the end, so I left the old DVD captures in the gallery as well. I suppose there’s something wrong with my Blu-ray copy since I don’t see any reason for those few frames getting cut. Regardless, the Blu-ray caps are a lot better quality than the DVD ones so I hope you guys like them! Here’s to hoping that more of Rose’s movies will be released on Blu-ray in the future.

Scream: Blu-ray Screencaptures

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