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Dawn (2014, short drama)
Directed by Rose McGowan
Starring Tara Barr, Reiley McClendon and Hannah Marks

"Dawn is really about what we do to young girls unwittingly, and how we send them out into the world completely unprotected, in a way that has, at times, really tragic consequences. Being polite at the risk of your own internal voice of danger being silenced is a pretty dangerous thing."

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Article written on April 25, 2009 by Riikkae-mail

Yesterday Rose McGowan attended An Evening With Women Celebrating Art, Music, & Equality in Beverly Hills, California. She looked nothing short of breathtaking in a short, flirty dress and golden accessories. As you may have noticed, Rose has also been sporting a shorter hairdo, which in my opinion looks real cute on her. Personally, I just adore this look of hers and it definitely marks my favorite of 2009! Enjoy the photos!

– Public Events: An Evening With Women Celebrating Art, Music, & Equality

Gallery Sightings
Article written on April 19, 2009 by Riikkae-mail

In case you missed the images in the gallery, the gorgeous Miss Rose attended the Bryan Rabin, Kelly Cole and Ian Cripps Present Diamond Dogs event in Hollywood on April 9. It looks like she had a great time! We’ve added three images in the gallery.

I’ve also caught up in the latest candids so you can now find a handful of new sets of Rose out and about in the Los Angeles area in these past couple of weeks. Please note that we do not add images in which Rose looks visibly upset, or any that clearly invade her privacy.

– Public Events: Bryan Rabin, Kelly Cole and Ian Cripps Present Diamond Dogs
– Candids: April 16, 2009
– Candids: April 1, 2009
– Candids: March 28, 2009
– Candids: March 17, 2009

Articles Site
Article written on April 16, 2009 by Riikkae-mail

We have now opened the press library of There you will find an extensive collection of Rose McGowan articles, magazine transcripts, film reviews and news pieces, with the current total of 57. We have many articles, including some dating back to 1995! Hugs for lending a helping hand go out to Lisa, RoseRocks and Charlotte – thank you ladies! If you have something you wish to contribute, please contact us.

'50 Dead Men Walking'
Article written on April 10, 2009 by Riikkae-mail

Kari Skogland’s Fifty Dead Men Walking, co-starring Rose McGowan, is now playing in select cinemas in the UK. Be sure to catch the film if you can! It is getting great reviews and it will be a while until Rose’s next project. If you manage to check it out, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments or at the forum. We’d love to hear from you!

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Project News
Article written on April 10, 2009 by Riikkae-mail

The intro cinema for the upcoming Terminator Salvation video game has been released and can be watched using the player after the break. The action-packed, third-person shooter will be released in conjunction with the highly anticipated film, which opens nationwide on May 21, 2009.

Based on the movie, the game offers players the chance to assume the role of John Connor, a soldier in the resistance, battling for survival against the far superior forces of Skynet. The game features concentrated armed combat against all of the Skynet enemies from the film while encountering new enemies specifically designed for the game.

Rose McGowan will be voicing Angie Salter, an ex-high school teacher in the video game. Although the character Rose is voicing makes no appearance in the film she is a key person in the video game, her character arc having a profound effect on John Connor (Christian Bale).

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