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Dawn (2014, short drama)
Directed by Rose McGowan
Starring Tara Barr, Reiley McClendon and Hannah Marks

"Dawn is really about what we do to young girls unwittingly, and how we send them out into the world completely unprotected, in a way that has, at times, really tragic consequences. Being polite at the risk of your own internal voice of danger being silenced is a pretty dangerous thing."

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Article written on December 31, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

Coming March 6 to region 2 is the 6-disc DVD set of Grindhouse, which you’ll have to import from Japan. This release looks to be better than the US DVD release, so this is probably the edition to invest in – even though it still looks disappointing. It looks as if many of the features have already been used, while other look like they were pulled from the press kit for the theatrical release of the film. But on disc five is the full theatrical cut that we’re hoping includes the faux trailers!

And as we reported earlier, Robert Rodriguez also mentioned on DVD commentary for Planet Terror, that a two disc version of Grindhouse will be coming to the US shortly. Still no word on it’s possible features except that it will include a Rodriguez DVD favorite – a cooking school;  “texas barbeque style.”

Read on for the Japanese 6-Disc DVD specs, thanks to for the cool news!

Read on for the specs.

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Article written on December 23, 2007 by Mycahe-mail

As Riikka is heading out of the country for the holidays, and I’m experiencing technical problems and celebrating with my family, and Rachel will be doing the same as well, will likely not be updated until early January – unless there will be major news to post. We will not be coming online much and will be unable to reply to any emails or approve comments until January.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas and fabulous New Year 2008 to all of our visitors! We really love working on the site and appreciate your support a lot. We can’t wait to see what 2008 will bring to Rose – and you can be sure that we’ll be here to cover it every step of the way. 🙂

News & Rumors Site
Article written on December 23, 2007 by Mycah & Riikkae-mail

It truly has been an amazing year for Rose McGowan, and us the fans! From her return to the big screen with Grindhouse, all of the amazing magazine coverage, lots of events, news and, yes, even those rumors – it’s definitely been quite the year. We’re honored we got to run and enjoy in all the great things with Rose this year. Riikka, Rachel and I have compiled this list of what we feel is the best of Rose from 2007. Please feel free to post your own choices here or play along in the forum! 😉 Here’s to hopefully, many more years of to come!

Best news:
All agree: It has been a big year but the fan Q&A that Rose did for the site is definitely our favorite piece of news… We will never forget about it! [view entry] The release of Grindhouse and all of the rave reviews that it – and especially Rose herself – got. The announcement of her starring in Black Oasis [view entry] and Man on the Run [view entry]. Rose finding herself a great guy and her rumored engagement with Robert Rodriguez. Can’t wait for all of the films we’ll see from the talented two! Here’s to hoping for Barbarella!

Worst news:
All agree: Definitely all of the awful internet gossip and flaming towards Rose and Robert. Ugh! The delay of Black Oasis and the budget problems with Barbarella. Grindhouse‘s box office failure.

Favorite magazine cover:

Rose graced 13+ covers this year! Atleast eight of them featured new photoshoots and original material! We unamiously choose the Rolling Stone April 19, 2007 cover as our favorite of the year. Rose was pictured with fellow Death Proof co-star Rosario Dawson, wearing nothing but bullets to cover those “parts”. This cover was aww-shocking to say the least.

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Article written on December 22, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

We have new top affiliate sites dedicated to Vanessa Ferlito (Death Proof co-star), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Death Proof co-star), Katherine Heigl and Gemma Arterton. Be sure to check them out!

Just a reminder that we’re always looking for all kinds of affiliates, especially dedicated to Rose’s co-stars. Feel free to apply here if you’re interested.

We’re also the Featured Site over at Miss Winstead Net. 🙂

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Gallery Sightings
Article written on December 20, 2007 by Riikkae-mail

Rose has been snapped shopping in the Los Angeles area in the past few days. Yesterday she looked gorgeous in blue taking photos with her IPhone while waiting for her car after doing some shopping at Barney’s in Beverly Hills. On Friday Robert and her went to the Farmer’s Market and The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles. Rose kept warm in her adorable hat and coat.

– Candids: December 19, 2007
– Candids: December 14, 2007

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